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As the bloom of E-commerce, More and more companies choose postal box to ship the goods, Then how to choose suitable box ? Here is the answer:

Firstly, There are 12 kinds standard size of postal box :

1 : 530*290*370mm

2 : 530*230*290mm

3 : 430*210*270mm

4 : 350*190*230mm

5 : 290*170*190mm

6 : 260*150*180mm

7 : 230*130*160mm

8 : 210*110*140mm

9 : 195*105*135mm

10: 175*95*115mm

11: 150*90*110mm

12: 130*80*90mm

You could choose suitable box for your product to save paper & shipping cost .

If you need to ship a lots of goods by postal box, You could order special size for your product.

Secondly, for the postal box, We can print your LOGO and Brand on the box, But the color is not as beautiful as the white box.

1—10 box can print , But the 11th&12th box is too small to printt the LOGO.

Thirdly, Different factory gives different price, Why ?

Because they choose different paper

For the bigger box, We need to choose thicker paper

For the small box, We need to choose thinner paper

But some factory give very thin paper for saving production cost.

So, Please check the thickness with your supplier before you purchase.