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The Ebola outbreak first erupted in Guinea and then spread to several surrounding countries, followed by isolated cases in the United States and Spain. Among the top 10 hot search terms related to “ebola”, Japanese search terms accounted for 3, but Japan did not find any patients who had been exposed to the virus. The news related to the virus is overwhelming, prompting people all over the world to search for more information.

Ebola is a zoonotic virus that poses a deadly threat to humans and primates. The virus is transmitted by direct contact with body fluids.Among the searches related to the virus, “ebola symptoms” ranked third.

Protective clothing is a protective garment that protects the entire body and can be used to handle hazardous materials or infected materials in protective clothing. The search volume for “hazmat suit” has soared 18 times this year.

It is widely believed that the fruit bats of the genus Diptero are the natural hosts of Ebola, so the search volume of “ebola bats” has increased significantly, and the vocabulary has almost zero search volume in previous years. .

In October, the search for the film “Terror Zone” in 1995 was 10 times higher than at any time in the past 10 years. The film tells the story of a global attempt to control a viral infection similar to Ebola.

In early November, the World Health Organization announced that the experimental vaccine developed in Canada successfully cured two American Ebola patients and entered the formal trial phase.