Artpaper bag

Artpaper bag is very common paper bag for Brand products. Clothes, shoes, and other products. Artpaper bag adopts 180g art paper ~400g art paper. Different printing. To make artpaper bag different is surface dealing. Lamination is necessary. But customer could choose Hot stamping, Blind blocking, UV.

Kraft bag

Kraft bag is an economical paper bag; the kraft paper has different thickness,70g~150g. It has different color paper, could print different colors too. It has round rope and flat rope.

Non-woven Bag

Non-woven bags are made of non-woven fabric bags; more are used for environmental bags, so many companies also used to do promotional gifts. Non-woven bag materials are made of non-woven fabrics of different thickness and density. The thicker and denser the non-woven fabric, the better the non-woven bag, also accept different printing, different colors.