Video Card

Video Card

Video card is a very fashionable display; many enterprises adopt it as a gift to customers; the video card has a lot of different components to determine its different prices. The first is the choice of the ingredients inside, the size of the screen, the number of keys, the capacity of the battery, the size of the memory. The other is the difference in the materials that wrapped around it, such as the hardness and thickness of the paper card and the surface dealing of the paper board. It could display video to show greeting, love, and the image of the company

Video Box

There is no big difference between a video card and a video box, which is based on a video card to show the features of the product better. We will use different boxes to display the customer’s goods, or some special gifts; Video boxes can have different shapes, materials, construction, we will listen to customer’s demand and offer the customer some professional design advice, We will produce the video box with customers together.

Video Display

Video display is based on the video card, with different shapes, structures, designs on various occasions to display the customer’s image or product’s characteristics better. It Can be used as a merchandise display, gift display, and so on.