The cardboard box is a luxuriry box for first-class products. It’s very tough and safe. It includes three parts, inside Cardboard, outside surface paper, and surface dealing. Inside cardboard is solid paper, different thickness, from 800g ~2000g. The thicker, the more expensive, But the thicker, the stronger and more beautiful. The usage of cardboard is to support. The usage for the outside surface paper is to print, so most of customers choose 157g art paper as surface paper; some customers adopt special paper to show unique. Surface dealing includes lamination and special dealing; Lamination is necessary for protecting the printing. But customers could choose to adopt matt lamination or gloss lamination. Special dealing is not required, Just for beauty and branding, UV, Hot stamping, blind blocking, and so on.


Artpaper box

Artpaper box is a very simple and economical box. It’s only made of a layer of paper, So it’s very soft and thin. The art paper of the box has different thicknesses,from 200g to 400g. It could be directly printed on the paper itself, different color. Lamination is necessary, Matt lamination and glossy lamination, different special surface dealing could make it very beautiful and special, hot stamping, blind block, and UV.It has another advantage, It could be put on flat, So the shipping cost could very cheap. 

Kraft box

Kraft box is very cheap box, It could be packaging box and shipping box.for the firm Kraft, It could be used as a desk and wardrobe box. It has  different thickness, flute, and layers.

All the shipping box adopts Kraft box, cause it’s cheap and safe for shipping. Some customers choose it as a packaging box, because it’s economical and it could be put flat, so it’s easy to be transported itself. It has white paper as surface paper so that it could be printed whit different colors.