Promotion Product


As a printing company, it’s easy for us to customize corporate gifts. As a very traditional personalized gift, the notebook has its advantages, affordable, practical, easy to print advertising copy. So many companies will choose a paper notebook as a corporate gift to the clients. The notebook has many different options, the material of the printed page, the printing content, the material of the cover, the binding, the packaging; we can print different notebook according to customer’s demand.


As a promotional gift, the pen is also a good choice. First, it’s an excellent advertising carrier; Printing LOGO is very easy, Second, there are many choices for the pen, there are expensive ones, and there are economical ones. Thirdly, because of the simplicity and convenience of printing, there is no need to limit the quantity. We will purchase the appropriate pen, according to the customer’s request, and then print the customer’s LOGO and advertising copy. We will adopt a suitable printing manner according to the material of laser printing or silk printing.


Slipper is an affordable promotional gift。 because of the usefulness of slippers everywhere, so it’s perfect advertising. We usually print the LOGO and design of the client on the upper of the slipper; the client can always think of the advertiser when wearing the slipper; hence it has good advertising effect



USB fan is very popular in the market. It could plug in iPhone & Android phones. We could print Logo on the Fan, So many customers like it . Small and easily carried, so it’s excellent promotional products too.